Emissions Trading

During RENA the ETS component targeted the competent authorities as primary target group. However, in order to have a future sound Monitoring Reporting and Verification system in place it is necessary to expand this target group and to start working with the operators and other relevant authorities under the motto: “Poor quality applications for permits will provide poor quality permits; High quality applications for permits will provide high quality permits”.

The ETS programme therefore includes the design and implementation of a regional training programme targeted at the relevant stakeholders on at least the following subjects:

- General Training on the Emissions Trading Directive and implementing provisions

- Targeted technical training on monitoring plans and emissions reports and reporting on tonne- kilometre data

- Training on benchmarking and the preparation of National Implementation Measures (NIMs)

- The functioning of the auctioning platform(s)

- Duties in relation to operating a registry (either as a separate registry or as a central; administrator to the Union Registry)

The ECRAN ETS Working Group will concentrate on two specific implementing provisions;

- Commission Regulation (EU) 601/2012 (Monitoring and Reporting Regulation, MRR) that establishes guidelines for the monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions by installations in the scheme pursuant to Directive 2003/87/EC.
- Commission Regulation (EU) 600/2012 (Verification and Accreditation Regulation) that applies to the verification of greenhouse gas emissions and tonne-kilometre data occurring from 1 January 2013 and sets out a framework of rules for the accreditation of verifiers to ensure that the verification of operator’s or aircraft operator’s reports in the framework of the EU ETS, to be submitted in accordance with the MMR (Commission Regulation (EU) No 601/2012) is carried out by verifiers that possess the technical competence to perform the entrusted task in an independent and impartial manner and in conformity with the requirements and principles set out in this Regulation.

The Working Group will also encourage and support the development of regional or national ETS roadmaps modelled along the EU ETS. This will entail regional seminars on ETS implementation and strategy development followed up by practical hands-on assistance and short missions to support the drafting and fine-tuning of these ETS roadmaps.

Under this Working Group, the following specific tasks are being implemented:

- Tasks 3.1: Regional Training Programme on the EU MMR and A&V Regulations

- Task 3.2: Training missions to EU Member States

- Task 3.3: ETS Implementation and ETS strategy and roadmap development

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