Progress Monitoring

Progress Monitoring of transposition and implementation of EU environmental and climate legislation, continues to be an instrumental activity for candidate countries and potential candidates. The main purpose of the activity is to provide an updated, comprehensive overview of the current situation in the ECRAN beneficiary countries on the status of transposition and implementation of the environmental and climate acquis, as well as to identify the progress achieved on a yearly basis in each of the beneficiary countries.

Progress Monitoring provides information about the progress in transposition and implementation for selected Directives and Regulations on an annual basis. The Tables of Concordance are based on the provision-by-provision comparison of EC Directive requirements with the national law, which ensures the timely identification of the gaps between national legislation and the EC requirements. In order to assist the candidate countries and potential candidates in the assessment of their implementation efforts, the Implementation Questionnaires focus on practical elements of implementing Directive/ Regulation requirements, with special attention given to those requirements that may pose particular implementation problems. The Progress Monitoring activity is carried out for all ECRAN beneficiary countries, except for Croatia being the EU Member State.

Prepared Progress Monitoring reports provide basis for Progress Reports (more specifically its chapters related to environment and climate acquis) in which the Commission services present their assessment of what each candidate and potential candidate has achieved over the last year.

In addition, as per the needs of the beneficiaries, trainings are provided to relevant public administration employees with the objective to build their capacities for progress monitoring, transposition and implementation of newly adopted EU environmental and climate-related legislation.