ECRAN and the NGOs Environment and Climate Forum (ECF) component provides wide ranging opportunities for civil society and their active involvement in the approximation process, assist in the capacity development of the NGOs sector and provide opportunities for improving the stakeholder dialogue.

While many of the planned activities are (to various degrees) open to civil society, in order to coordinate the process and enable activities at the international/regional/national level, the ECF works through a regional network of selected NGOs representing civil society from their country. The NGOs in ECF act as national contact points and cooperate with other organizations, governments and stakeholders at the country and regional level. Participation in the ECF provides the NGOs with many opportunities, but it also entails certain obligations.

The ECF work is backed by small supporting team and benefits from involvement of the ECRAN experts. The main principle of work in ECF is NGO co-ownership and active involvement of the NGOs into the decision making and shaping all project activities.