Strategic Planning and Investments

Strategic Planning and Investments

The tasks implemented under the Strategic Planning and Investments are of cross cutting nature, complementary and implemented in synergy with the tasks of the other Working Groups established under Environment Component of ECRAN. Strategic Planning and Investments Working Group of ECRAN is building on the results achieved by the Strategic Panning and Investments Working Group of the Regional Environmental Network for Accession - RENA (2010-2013). The results achieved under RENA were improved capacities of the beneficiaries in investment planning and prioritisation of environmental investment projects and strengthening of the regional cooperation.

Hence, the tasks of Strategic Planning and Investments Working Group under ECRAN are focused on the following:

- Improvement of strategic planning in the beneficiary countries;

- Enhancement of regional cooperation and information sharing in environmental investment issues as a key element of the approximation toward the EU.

- Guiding the concrete work of the environmental investment activities through identification of training needs for different groups of stakeholders such as policy-makers, utilities, environmental funds etc.

- Liaison with EC, IFIs, WBIF, bilateral donors, NGOs, etc, to create an environment, which is more conducive for environmental investments. The activities will also provide opportunities for IFIs and bilateral donors to convey relevant messages.

- Strengthening of the capacities of the competent authorities dealing with environmental infrastructure investment through capacity building on the most important cross-cutting investment related topics.

Capacity building activities (regional training and exchange programmes) will aim to strengthen the capacity of the beneficiary countries in the area of investment planning and finance management in the following sectors:

- Water


- Air quality

- Waste

- Nature

- Industrial emissions/chemicals.

The tasks are implemented through provision of support and practical work with the selected experts, exchange of experience with the experts from the EU Member States and capacity building organized in cooperation with the TAIEX facility. Close collaboration with the IFIs coordination office, established under the RENA is continued.