Regulation (EU) No 525/2013 of the European parliament and of the Council on mechanisms for monitoring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions and for reporting other information at national and Union level relevant to climate change and repealing Decision No 280/2004/EC(hereinafter: Monitoring Mechanism Regulation or MMR) fully substitutes the Decision No 280/2004/EC (Monitoring Mechanism Decision or MMD) and as such will provide the legal basis to implement revised domestic commitments set out in the 2009 climate and energy package (20-20-20 commitments), as well as to ensure timely and accurate monitoring of the progress in implementation of these commitments.
The opportunity has also been taken to propose improvements in the legislation in the light of experience gained in implementing the Monitoring Mechanism Decision including its implementing provisions (Decision 2005/166) as well as in response to the international negotiations and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) requirements.

The proposed activities are a follow-up of the activities on the monitoring mechanism implemented in the framework of RENA, the so called “MMD Exercise”. The main purpose of the exercise was to start developing better knowledge and capacity and in gradually improving/increasing the technical and institutional ability of the RENA countries to prepare submissions of the National Inventory Reports in the framework of the MMD. The exercise concentrated on improving the process of the preparation of sound inventories towards a full and harmonised combustion fuel sector GHG inventory using the appropriate guidelines and tools. The focus was on the CRF fuel combustion activities 1A.

Under this Working Group and building on the results of the above described “MMD exercise” under RENA, the work will expand to other CRF sectors and assistance will be provided to the beneficiary countries to start developing robust national inventory systems that are capable of preparing complete, accurate and transparent annual greenhouse gas inventories and inventory related chapters of biennial reports and national communications in line with the requirements for UNFCCC Annex-I Parties and the EU Monitoring Mechanism Regulation (MMR).

Under this Working Group, the following specific tasks are being implemented:

- Task 2.1: Capacity building on GHG inventory process for the Energy Sector (CRF Sector 1) in line with the MMR and the UNFCCC requirements

- Task 2.2: Capacity building on GHG inventory process for the other Sectors (CRF Sectors 2 - 6) in line with the MMR and the UNFCCC requirements