The tasks implemented under the Nature Working Group of ECRAN are building on the results achieved by the Regional Environmental Network for Accession – RENA (2010 – 2013). The tasks will focus on several topics related to the implementation of the nature legislation: the impact on the environment of the on-going and planned large water, road and energy infrastructure projects in the region, Appropriate Assessments as per Art.6(3) of the Habitats Directive, designation of potential Natura 2000 sites, raising the public awareness on the opportunities and benefits offered by Natura 2000, development of participatory pilot management plan (preferably for one of the pilot sites used for implementation of activities under RENA) and establishment of a Regional Network of Protected Areas.

The tasks are of cross-cutting nature and are implemented in close collaboration with other Working Groups established under Environment Component of ECRAN, especially with the Environmental Assessments WG.

The tasks are implemented through provision of support and practical work with the selected experts, exchange of experience with the experts from the EU Member States and capacity building organized in cooperation with the TAIEX facility.

Outputs to be achieved are the following:
- Appropriate Assessments for the selected pilot sites;
- Regional Awareness Raising Seminars;
- Participatory Management Plan for the selected pilot site;
- Regional Network of Protected Areas.

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