Compliance checks

Legislative compliance checks are the independent review of the compliance of national draft laws with the environmental and climate EU acquis.
This is the ad hoc activity performed on the request that can be made by the ECRAN beneficiary countries and/or European Commission.
On the basis of the available information submitted by the beneficiary country concerned and on the basis of other existing information (e.g updated Tables of Concordance and/ or Implementation Questionnaires), the ECRAN team performs a compliance check with a particular EC Directive on a paragraph by paragraph basis. The results are presented in a table format where each EC provision is matched with the corresponding transposing national article, clearly stating whether the transposition is adequate or not. Where the transposition is considered inadequate, the main reasons for the flaws are presented.
The draft compliance table(s) are submitted to the European Commission and representatives of the beneficiary country concerned for comments before finalisation.
The final reports are confidential and can be disclosed only upon the approval of the European Commission and the beneficiary country concerned.