The tasks implemented under Water Management Working Group of ECRAN are building on the results achieved by the Water Management Working Group of Regional Environmental Network for Accession - RENA (2010-2013). Under the RENA, the activities implemented under the Water Management Working Group were focused on the regional capacity building of the relevant public administration in the area of transposition and implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) that was designed and delivered using practical cases provided by the three selected pilot sites (Neretva and Drin River Basins and Drina River Sub-basin). The implemented activities covered all major steps for the development of the RBMPs and resulted with the creation of a regional forum of officials from the beneficiary countries and the EU MS that was used for exchange of experiences on issues of trans-boundary relevance and for strengthening of the administrative capacity of the beneficiary countries for the implementation of EU water quality legislation.

Taking into account the activities conducted and results achieved under predecessor project (RENA) and the fact that for SEE countries, one of the main national targets is the development of a sound water management policies fully in line with the EU water acquis, the tasks of Water Management Working Group foreseen under ECRAN are focused on the following:
- Further strengthening of the capacities of the competent authorities dealing with transposition and implementation of WFD;
- Assistance in the development of transboundary River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs);
- Capacity building on economic-financial analysis and cost recovery combined with ECRAN Strategic Planning and Investments Working Group.

The tasks are of cross-cutting nature and are implemented in close collaboration with other Working Groups established under Environment Component of ECRAN, especially with the Environmental Assessments and Strategic Planning and Investments Working Groups.

The tasks are implemented through provision of support and practical work with the selected experts, exchange of experience with the experts from the EU Member States and capacity building organized in cooperation with the TAIEX facility.

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