Steering Committee

ECRAN Steering Committee

ECRAN complements the existing bilateral dialogues between the European Commission and the beneficiary countries. The cooperation amongst the beneficiaries and the EC within ECRAN is conducted at:

- The political level through Ministerial meetings (setting priorities for actions, ensuring political commitment, discussing environmental and climate policy developments and course of actions;

- The technical level administered by the ECRAN Steering Committee Meetings (approving the work plan and outputs produced, monitoring the work plan implementation).
The project activities are closely monitored and coordinated by the European Commission – DG Environment and DG Climate Action, as well as by the ECRAN Steering Committee. The Steering Committee has been established to oversee the management and implementation of the project and to discuss and approve work plans, progress and final reports. Steering Committee Meetings are organised bi-annually.

The Steering Committee Members are representatives of the following institutions:

- European Commission/DG Environment

- European Commission/DG Climate Action

- European Commission/TAIEX Unit

- Albania/Ministry of Environment, Forests and Water Administration;

- Bosnia and Herzegovina/Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations

- Croatia, Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection

- The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia/Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning;

- Kosovo*/Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning;

- Montenegro/Ministry for Spatial Planning and Environment;

- Serbia/Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection;

- Turkey/Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation.

Members of the ECRAN Steering Committee are the nominated national Focal Points of the beneficiary countries.

First Steering Committee Meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium at 21. January 2014.
Second Steering Committee Meeting was held in Budva, Montentegro at 10. October 2014