Environmental Assessment, 1st Training of Trainers

Date: 23-26.09.2014
Place: Podgorica,Montenegro
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat with EC TAIEX Unit

Since the local authorities/municipalities and other local stakeholders have an important role in SEA/EIA implementation, it is important to create a core group of the trainers in the ECRAN countries to ensure the knowledge transfer to the local level. The ToT scheme will invite 3 representatives from each beneficiary country and it shall result in the country-specific training package and SEA/EIA training strategies. Altogether three ToT events shall be organized during the project, while in between the ToT trainings the trainers should conduct trainings at the local level in their countries.

1st Training of Trainers (September 2014): This 4-day long introductory training session will focus mainly on developing the first drafts of the country specific SEA/EIA training material as well as on training techniques and skills and planning of the local SEA/EIA training events

Objectives of the Workshop: The 1st ToT shall result in training materials to be further used in the local SEA/EIA trainings in the beneficiary countries. Therefore, the objectives of the 1st ToT can be defined as follows:

  • Familiarize participants with the key principles of SEA/EIA to be promoted through the local trainings
  • Develop the first drafts of the country specific training materials
  • Introduce training techniques and tools

Trainers nominated by the beneficiary countries (up to three per country) will further used the training materials prepared during the 1st session as well as the knowledge gained to prepare and deliver further national trainings to the local authorities in their respective countries. ECRAN and TAIEX will provide support in the preparation and delivery of these trainings.