1st Annual Meeting ECENA

Date: 31.01.2014
Place: Skopje
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat

The purpose of the annual meetings is to meet the nominees from the beneficiary countries to exchange information on implementation of the work plan and progress made in the reporting period. As the project is in its initial phase, the special purpose of the 1st Annual meeting is to introduce all national coordinators and Project team with the main objectives of the Project, work plan for implementation of the activities and tasks, project management and coordination. The main focus will be on further defining the programme elements, site selections and time schedules of the various tasks which have already been defined on the basis of the results in the preceding RENA programme. Furthermore the envisaged trainees (composition, background, language) and the practical arrangements including those with TAIEX will receive attention.

Specific Objectives:

Task 1.2.1. Capacity building on compliance with environmental legislation:

To define the content of the series of eight 3-day regional training courses; the selection of specific subjects next to the core IED subject; the added cross cutting issues of IED with air water, waste and nature directives and the selection of IPPC/IED installations for a site visit/common inspection (see Questionnaire TNA)

Task 1.2.2. External Country assessments. To further define the approach with the scope and the list of acquis to be assessed.

Task 1.2.3 Methodological development – application of IRAM/easy Tools. To further define the timing and places where the two 2-day regional trainings are to be held in cooperation with IMPEL.

Task 1.2.4. Compliance with REACH/CLP Regulations. To further define the timing and places where the two 2-day regional trainings are to be held (envisaged cooperation with ECHA)

Task 1.2.5. Transfrontier Shipment of Waste (TFS). To further define and identify the place for training and the two sites to be visited in the two 2-day training sessions. In addition a further elaboration of the study visit and 1-day workshop in an EU member state is to be made (cooperation with IMPEL TFS).

Task 1.2.6. Inspection and enforcement in other policy areas. To define next to nature inspection, other possible policy areas in which training courses are to be given.

Task 1.2.7. Inspectors participation in networking activities. To further identify networks in which representatives of beneficiary countries can participate.

Adoption of the detailed work plan for 2014.