Workshop on National Climate Adaption Policies and Legislation – Step B: Identification of Adaptation Options

Date: 03-04.06.2015
Place: Zagreb, Croatia
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat with EC TAIEX Unit

This 2nd (Step B) workshop of the Adaptation Planning part of the ECRAN training will directly build on the results of the 1st (Step A) workshop, including on the tasks that have been completed in the form of 3 position papers per country, respectively on climate modelling, on qualitative vulnerability assessments in two sectors (including water) and on the identification of adaptation needs. The workshop will also pay attention to the possibilities for (pre-)accession countries to further integrate in the information supply structure of the EU Environment Agency’s Climate Adapt Tool and – on a voluntary basis - in the European Union’s reporting structures under the Monitoring Mechanism Regulation.

For reasons of continuity of work already started and further development of networking practices the beneficiary countries are encouraged to – as much as possible – delegate to the Step B Workshop the same public administration staff that participated in the Step A workshop in Tirana in November 2014.

Objective of the Workshop

To enhance the understanding about climate adaptation action among a core of Beneficiary countries’ representatives, creating climate adaptation policies and planning as a basis for action and thus promote climate adaptation action in the Western Balkan countries and Turkey.

Expected Results of the workshops

  • Further developed informal network of National Climate Adaptation Teams from Western Balkan countries and Turkey initiated and established;
  • Enhanced and harmonised understanding among National Climate Adaptation Teams about the identification of adaptation options;
  • Improved cooperation and coordination among authorities in and between Western Balkan countries and Turkey in the area of climate adaptation action;
  • Increased (steps towards) climate adaptation action planning in place in the Western Balkan countries and Turkey.