Regional Training on Marina Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)

Date: 18-20.05.2015
Place: Istanbul, Turkey
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat in cooperation with the EC TAIEX Unit

The 1st Introductory Workshop on Marine Strategy Framework Directive has been organized in September 2014 (Tirana, Albania). The participants have been familiarized with the main terms, definitions and principles of MSDF, and the basic MSDF requirements. Further, the participants were informed on ongoing projects under MSFD for Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea. At the meeting, suggestions were made on the need to organize a Regional Training, proposed for May 2015.

In connection with the Regional training, the participants have agreed on two themes to be included as topic or subtopic, which are Streamlined procedure for development of PoM, and the role and approach to implementation of MSDF for landlocked countries included in the ECRAN project targeted beneficiaries.

The training shall be tailored to the beneficiary countries selected specific topics. In order to identify and select country - specific topics, relevant on the national level, which would be approached during the planned regional training, a questionnaire will be produced and circulate it to the whole ECRAN project beneficiaries. The country specific topics will be considered in the preparation of the regional training. Further specific topics will be identified during the planned Regional Training.

The Regional Training on WFD and MSFD will be held in cooperation with TAIEX and with participation of Black Sea Commission located in Turkey, Istanbul, with the view to maximize the training benefits through learning experience of the Black Sea Commission in the implementation of marine specific policies and legislation.

Objective of the Meeting:

  • To strengthen national capacities for effectively addressing the large number of implementation challenges of the MSFD and the ICZM, analyzed in synergy with the process of reaching the WFD objectives.

Expected Results of the meeting

The expected results are:
  • Enhanced understanding of the topics, challenges and remaining tasks, and related responsibilities along the implementation process of MSFD, WFD and ICZM;
  • Exchange of experiences and knowledge significantly improved;
  • Policy and guidance documents related to the MSFD and ICZM tasks discussed and clarified;
  • Key obstacles impeding the tasks implementation and related solutions identified;
  • Motivation and active engagement of participants.