ECRAN Environment and Climate Forum
The First Annual Meeting

Date: 24-25.11.2014
Place: Brussels, Belgium
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat

Annual Meetings build on the outcomes of other activities and represent the key opportunity for the civil society to get engaged into the dialogue with the high representatives of the European Commission. The agenda for the annual meetings is prepared in a bottom-up manner, with key input from the NGOs, as well as in consultation with the EC. The annual meetings is planned in a way to allow enough room for NGOs self-organizing and organization of bilateral meetings, such as sessions between the Desk Officers of DG Environment, DG Climate Action and DG Enlargement for the respective country and their NGOs counterparts.

Following preparatory steps at the country level, the organisation of annual meetings builds on the outcomes of 8 conducted in-country preparatory meetings and wider consultations.

Objectives of the meeting:

  • To disseminate information (to the broad NGO community and other relevant stakeholders) about recent development, planned policies and legislation of the European Union and evaluation of the progress and hinders in the EU accession process from the EC perspectives;
  • To increase capacities of the regional NGOs actively participate in the EU enlargement;
  • To bring to the discussion on the EU enlargement points and concerns of the civil society;

Participants: Representatives of 21 NGOs selected for ECF-ECRAN, Representative(s) of the European Commission, ECF Support Team and ECRAN experts.

Expected Results of the meeting:
  • Strengthening the knowledge base of ECF NGOs on the EU policies and legislation, in-depth understanding of upcoming opportunities and threats;
  • In-depth understanding of possibilities and potential challenges for non-state actors and how to monitor and participate in the EU enlargement process;
  • Feedback of the EC on the issues and cases identified as problematic by the NGOs in the accession process;