Capacity building on compliance with environmental legislation- Methodological development - application of IRAM/easy Tools

Date: 15-16.10.2014
Place: Ankara, Turkey
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat with EC TAIEX Unit

Within IMPEL various tools have been developed for inspection purposes. Pursuant to the Recommendation providing for minimum criteria for environmental inspections (RMCEI), the Industrial Emission Directive (IED) and the Directive on the control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances (SEVESO) all inspections should be planned in advance. The competent authority must draw up inspection plans and programs for installations and establishments, including the frequency of site visits. These frequencies should be based on a systematic risk appraisal.

Under the name ‘easy Tools’ a project team, led by Germany, collected information on the risk assessments that are used across Europe. Based on this information a new rule based methodology was developed and tested, called Integrated Risk Assessment Method (IRAM).

Besides the methodology the project also developed a new web based tool (IRAM tool) that can be accessed by the IMPEL website ( To disseminate this useful methodology, up to 2 regional trainings have planned to be organized for all ECRAN beneficiary countries at a general level.

Objectives of the Workshop:
Wider Objective: increasing the effectiveness of inspection bodies and promoting compliance with environmental requirements
Specific Objective: Increased capacity in SEE in the field of planning of inspections with specific reference to the use of the IRAM/Easy Tools methodology.

Expected Results of the workshop:

The following results are expected for this activity Scheme
• improved functioning of environmental inspection and enforcement organizations;
• streamlined working methods and implementation of best practice in the region moving towards EU standards.