ECRAN Regional Climate Change Adaptation Conference (final event)

Date: 06.09.2016
Place: Skopje, FYR of Macedonia
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat with EC TAIEX Unit

This will be the final event of this cycle of ECRAN support to the countries following the 3 years programme we have run with the countries to promote climate-proofing action by further encouraging adaptation actions in key vulnerable sectors and to support better informed decision making by assessing gaps on knowledge about adaptation. Adaptation Support Tool (AST) have been used and the framework of the European Commission's Preparedness Scoreboard as tools to guide the steps to promote adaptation work in the beneficiaries with our series of workshops. To put this final conference in context, the activities that preceded this conference will be sum up:

  • Launch Conference in June 2014 (Skopje);
  • Step A: Identify and Prioritise adaptation needs (Tirana, November 2014);
  • Step B: Adaptation Options (two times in Zagreb, June and Zagreb, November 2015);
  • Step C: Selection and prioritisation of adaptation options (Ankara, February 2016);
  • Step D: Implementation, monitoring and evaluation of adaptation options (Podgorica, June 2016).

In addition, three technical training seminars were held on vulnerability assessments in three priority fields identified during the launch conference in the sectors water management, urban development and planning and energy planning (in the period January - April 2015).

General Objective

To keep the steady progress that already started on climate adaptation action in the Western Balkan countries and Turkey.

Specific Objective

To enhance the understanding about climate adaptation action among a core of Beneficiary Countries’ representatives, creating climate adaptation policies and planning as a basis for action.

Expected Results of the workshop

The expected results are:

  • Awareness of the need to pursue follow-up action to ECRAN’s climate adaptation activities among relevant public administrations in ECRAN beneficiary countries and donor institutions
  • Insight in further steps that may be taken at the national and international levels to keep momentum for climate adaptation action
  • Agreement on the need to consolidate and broaden the network of climate adaptation professionals that was built up under ECRAN’s climate adaptation interventions and to strengthen their focus on implementing action