Multi-beneficiary Workshop “The economics of climate change adaptation measures under WFD, MSFD and ICZM”

Date: 11-13.04.2016
Place: Istanbul, Turkey
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat with EC TAIEX Unit

To respond to the implementation challenges of both WFD and MSFD, and considering the results obtained so far for the preparation of the Program of Measures, and the development of the River Basin Management Plan, a specific task has been included in the agenda of this workshop related to the technical and economical examination of opportunities to consider the climate changes and to ensure that the River Basin Management Plans are climate-proofed.

The workshop will be organised with the aims to discuss the theory, approaches, methodologies and lessons learned in relation with adaptation to the climate change in the RBMP, coordination between WFD and MSFD for the climate change adaptation at the national and regional level, the role and costs of adaptation measures in the PoM and correlation with WFD objectives, and as well the adaptation to climate change measures and their costs within the MSFD Action Plan. Further, the financial dimension and the shared benefits of adaptation and risk reduction measures will be examined to prepare the adequate response to the effects of climate changes.

Finally, case studies showing adaptation approaches and measures will be prepared and presented and lessons learned from ECRAN beneficiary countries will be shared with the whole targeted ECRAN project beneficiaries.

General Objective

The overall objectives of the workshop are to develop a knowledge base on the importance and the economic dimension of adaptation measures imposed by anticipated climate changes in the development of the River Basin Management Plans in line with the WFD, and in the Action Plan prepared according to the MSFD requirements.

Expected Results of the meeting

The expected results are:

  • Improved understanding of the topics, challenges and tasks, and related responsibilities along the selection and economic assessment of the climate adaptation measures in the RBMP in line with the WFD and in the Action Plan according to the MSFD;
  • Exchange of experiences and knowledge significantly improved;
  • Key obstacles impeding the tasks implementation and related solutions identified;
  • Active involvement of the participants through the preparation of case studies on climate adaptation measures and related costs;
  • Guidance documents related to the WG tasks discussed and clarified.