2nd Regional Training Workshop on linkages between Appropriate Assessment and SEA/EIA

Date: 25-26.04.2016
Place: Ankara, Turkey
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat with EC TAIEX Unit

The process of harmonising the national legislation with the requirements of the EIA and SEA Directives has been initiated in all ECRAN countries, and some of the countries have already achieved full compliance with both Directives. However, the implementation of these two directives is still in many countries in its early stage. Almost all ECRAN countries face a lack of capacity for appropriate implementation both at the national and sub-national levels. The situation is more advanced in case of EIA, which has in all ECRAN countries longer history compared to SEA.

As regards AA, the situation is even less favourable: its scope is much narrower as it only refers to sites of Natura 2000 network which do not exist in any ECRAN country but Croatia yet; therefore it is much more difficult for competent authorities to develop right approaches which would comply with the requirements of the Birds and Habitats Directive and 40 CJ EU rulings interpreting their provisions on AA. Additional challenge is represented by the fact that while AA is planned to or already carried out within the EIA/SEA processes, its rules differ in some aspects from those of EIA/SEA and its outcomes are binding, which should be respected both in the national legislation as well as in the administrative arrangements.

The workshop is a follow up of the 1st workshop on the linkages between AA and SEA/EIA, organized in Zagreb, Croatia, in October 2014, which focused rather on a wider context for efficient application of AA and SEA/EIA i.e. similarities and differences between AA and EIA/SEA and the best practices of AA and EIA/SEA application as parallel processes.

Wider Objective:

To support a good AA, SEA, and EIA practice in the country by increasing understanding of the regional authorities and environmental experts on the approaches to AA, SEA, and EIA practical application.

Specific Objectives:

  • Illustrate practical application of AA and EIA on a case example
  • To provide recommendations for further development of AA, SEA and EIA schemes in ECRAN beneficiary countries

Expected Results:

The workshop should result in participants┬┤ understanding of the linkages between AA and EIA/SEA and the efficient way of its practical implementation.