Regional Workshop on Implementation of Efficient Waste Management Systems and Tools

Date: 21-22.03.2016
Place: Herstal, Liege, Belgium
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat with EC TAIEX Unit

ECRAN Regional Workshop on implementation of efficient waste management systems and tools will be organised in Belgium 21-22 March 2016 in cooperation with Intradel public service for management of waste for 72 municipalities for a total of 1,019,541 inhabitants, or 476,900 tonnes of household waste a year.

General Objective

Exchange of experience and best practice with the EU MS in efficient waste management systems and tools.

Specific Objective

Increase understanding on the various waste management systems and tools implemented in the EU MS, functioning of incinerators and recycling centres, comparison of the ways and methods of operations between public company and private companies, relations between social economy and recycling.

Expected Results:

Expected results are the following:

  • Improved knowledge about the transposition of Directive 2008/98/EC in EU MS;
  • Improved skills and knowledge on the role of Public Service in EU countries related to recycling and recovery of waste;
  • Improved skills necessary for management of waste treatment process in respective beneficiary countries