Sub regional Workshop on Pilot Participatory Management Plan for the National Park Alps

Date: 10-12.11.2015
Place: Tirana, Shkodra, Albania
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat with EC TAIEX Unit

In the frame of the ECRAN Project the Albanian Government committed themselves to prepare and finance the ‘ordinary part’ of the management plan for the new National Park Alps, whereas the ECRAN experts will ensure a participatory approach.

Based on the outcomes of the situation analysis workshop in November 2014 (values, threats, opportunities, vision and long-term objectives of the MP) and the agreed description of the zoning of the area (several consultation meetings with local stakeholders), the management programmes and actions (according to the ‘Standard Structure of Protected Areas Management Plans in Albania’) will be elaborated during a planning workshop. The management programmes prescribe the short- term objectives, which management aims to achieve during the life of the MP, the strategic actions – divided by the different management zones – will lead to the achievement of the objectives.

Objectives of the Workshop

Main objective of the workshop is to contribute to the process of the elaboration of a ‘Participatory Management Plan’ for the National Park Alps by aiming to:

  • To present the outcomes of the previous meetings (key values, threats, opportunities, draft vision and long-term objectives);
  • To present the outcomes of the zoning process (maps, regulations);
  • To agree on the management programmes (e.g. biodiversity protection, natural resource use, tourism development, research and monitoring, education, public awareness, administrative issues, etc.);
  • To develop and agree on specific objectives for each of the management programmes;
  • To elaborate strategic management actions for each of the management zones and develop a more detailed list of forbidden activities;
  • To discuss possible indicators of quantitative monitoring actions;
  • To introduce the requirements of the EU Nature Directives and its relation to the National Park management.

Expected Results of the meeting
The expected results are the following:

  • - Compilation of thematic programmes, short-term objectives and related actions divided by management zones;
  • - Draft list of allowed and forbidden activities;
  • - Indicators for assessing progress towards reaching the objectives;
  • - Basic information provided as regards the Habitats and Birds Directives.