Regional Workshop on Compliance with REACH/CLP Regulations

Date: 16-17.09.2015
Place: Zagreb, Croatia
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat in cooperation with the EC TAIEX Unit

Enforcement of REACH and CLP is a national responsibility, therefore each EU Member State, must ensure that there is an official system of controls and lay down legislation specifying penalties for non-compliance with the provisions of REACH.

The enforcement of the requirements of the REACH and CLP Regulations involves many different enforcement authorities and other bodies. The environmental inspectorate can play a coordinating role. There is a need for a national strategy defining the needs for co-operation and coordination between these enforcement authorities to ensure effective and efficient enforcement of REACH and CLP. A key element in any strategy is to define the roles and responsibilities of the various groups involved. This would allow for an efficient enforcement process, avoiding gaps and dealing with any overlaps in the enforcement competencies and responsibilities.

Most of the ECRAN beneficiary countries are at a different level when it comes to transposition of the EC chemicals legislation and additional efforts are needed in the area of its implementation and compliance. The REACH and CLP regulations, interlinked amongst other with the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), are covering major chapters of chemicals legislation and industrial pollution control.

General Objective:

The overall objective is to strengthen regional cooperation between the EU candidate countries and potential candidates in the fields of environment and climate action and to assist them on their way towards the transposition and implementation of the EU environmental and climate policies and instruments which is a key precondition for EU accession.

Specific Objective

Within the scope of regional cooperation and assistance in transposition and implementation of EU environmental legislation, the specific objective of the assignment is to provide assistance in strengthening the institutions and building capacity in complying with the EC Chemicals legislation. Emphasis will be placed on the enforcement aspects of the REACH and CLP Regulations, interlinked amongst other with the Industrial Emissions Directive as these are covering major chapters in chemicals legislation and industrial pollution control

Expected Results of the training

The following results are expected for this activity scheme

  • Improved functioning of the environmental authorities and related authorities envisaged to be responsible for implementation and enforcement of the REACH/CLP regulations ;
  • Streamlined working methods and implementation of best practice in the region moving towards EU standards.