ECRAN Environment and Climate Forum
Regional Planning and Capacity Building Meeting

Date: 02-05.06.2015
Place: Brussels, Belgium
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat

Regional Meeting provides platform to discuss the outcomes of all Environment and Climate Forum (ECF) activities/events and evaluate involvement of the civil society in the approximation process (focusing environment and climate topics and areas). The meeting also provides a platform for dialogue of the civil society with the representatives of the European Commission and with Brussels based NGOs. In addition, space is allocated for work plan update, common work on the ECF outcomes and discussions on the future of the EU – NGO dialogue.

The meeting will be organised back-to-back with 2015 Green Week (GW), providing ECF NGOs opportunity to visit and participate at the GW sessions and utilise time for capacities development and networking.

Objectives of the meeting:

  • To evaluate implemented, on-going and planned activities and provide feedback for the ECF team and individual NGOs (i.e., preparatory meetings, internal cooperation within the network, participation at ECRAN work groups);
  • To discuss progress in development of the key ECF related materials and plans (i.e., NGO position on the Progress Report, agenda for upcoming Annual Meeting and related materials);
  • To support regional and international networking of the ECF NGO members through attendance to Green Week 2015, the biggest annual conference on European environment policy.

Participants: Representatives of 21 NGOs selected for ECF-ECRAN, Representative(s) of the European Commission, ECF Support Team and ECRAN experts.

Expected Results of the meeting:
  • Increased knowledge base, capacities and networking of the ECF NGOs through active participation at the Green Week 2015;
  • Outline of Training Modules 3 and 4;
  • Inputs for agenda for the 2nd Annual Meeting (September/October 2015);
  • Outline and roadmap for 2015 NGO Position Document on the country Progress Reports;
  • Draft version of Points for the Commissioner document;
  • Endorsed Work plan for 2015/2016.