1st Annual Meeting IED/Chemicals Working Group

Date: 30.01.2014
Place: Skopje
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat

The purpose of the annual meetings is to meet the nominees from the beneficiary countries to exchange information on implementation of the work plan and progress made in the reporting period. As the project is in its initial phase, the special purpose of the 1st Annual meeting is to introduce all national coordinators and Project team with the main objectives of the Project, work plan for implementation of the activities and tasks, project management and coordination. The main focus will be on further defining the programme elements, site selections and time schedules of the various tasks which have already been defined on the basis of the results in the preceding RENA programme. Furthermore the envisaged trainees (composition, background, language) and the practical arrangements including those with TAIEX will receive attention.

Objectives of the meeting:
Wider Objective: to adopt work plan for 2014 with a wider prospect for the subsequent years.
Specific Objectives: to provide assistance in strengthening the institutions and building capacity in complying with the EC Chemicals legislation. Emphasis will be placed on the REACH and CLP Regulations, interlinked with the Industrial Emissions Directive as these are covering major chapters in chemicals legislation and industrial pollution control. Specifically to discuss and evaluate:
̵The training needs assessment. A draft training needs assessment will be made based on the available sources with selection of possible training topics that will be discussed and finalized during the 1st annual meeting of this WG.

̵The topics for up to 4 regional trainings to be agreed based on which the training programs will be developed and subsequently delivered. The possible training topics could be the following:

  • General introduction on chemicals legislation (environmental/consumer/workplace including Biocides, POP’s, REACH/CLP);
  • Background and basics REACH and CLP (with roles and responsibilities under REACH);
  • Specific obligations for authorities, methodologies and tools in risk assessment;
  • REACH and CLP implementation details;
  • Downstream consequences of REACH and interlinkage with other legislation (IED, SEVESO, Water Framework Directive, Waste);
  • General introduction REACH/CLP in relation to IED;
  • Selection of BAT (reference to methodology, BREFs and BAT Decision documents).

The general work plan with specifics for 2014.

Expected Results of the meeting
The expected result is the agreement on training topics, general approach and work plan