Regional Dialogue of the EU, the Candidate Countries and the Potential Candidates On Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) to the 2015 Climate Agreement

Date: 28.04.2015
Place: Istanbul, Turkey
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat with EC TAIEX Unit

The advanced training programme aims to provide the government authorities in Turkey with an improved technical understanding of the EU Verification and Accreditation regulation.

Objectives of the Training

Aim of the meeting is to provide a platform for the exchange of views on the preparation and submission of INDC between the EU and the EU candidate countries and potential candidates' senior public officials, and in this way strengthening regional cooperation between the EU candidate countries and potential candidates in the fields of climate action and to assist them on their way towards the transposition and implementation of the EU climate policies and instruments as a key precondition for the EU accession.

Expected Results of the Regional Dialogue Workshop

The expected results are:

  • Participants familiarize themselves with the recent developments regarding the intended nationally determined contributions to the UNFCCC and the expectations for the 2015 Global Climate Agreement;
  • Dialogue on prospects for climate cooperation with the EU – implementation of the INDCs in the coming decades and de-carbonisation policy across sectors.