Implementation of Guidelines for Inspection of SEVESO Establishments

Date: 20-21.04.2015
Place: Belgrade, Serbia
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat in cooperation with the EC TAIEX Unit

The Seveso Directive aims at the prevention of major accidents involving dangerous substances. However, as accidents may nevertheless occur, it also aims at limiting the consequences of such accidents not only for human health but also for the environment. The Directive covers establishments where dangerous substances may be present (e.g. during processing or storage) in quantities above a certain threshold. Excluded from the Directive are certain industrial activities, which are subject to other legislation providing a similar level of protection (e.g. nuclear establishments or the transport of dangerous substances). Depending on the amount of dangerous substances present, establishments are categorised in lower and upper tier establishments, the latter are subject to more stringent requirements.

As per the latest legal gap analysis performed in 2014 by national TA project, it has been concluded that Seveso III transposition into Serbian legislation has to undergo a significant revision. Since the legal gap analysis showed broad non-compliance of applicable legislation in this area with new Directive’s provisions, only one Directive’s requirement (obliging operators to provide information on major accidents, in line with Article 16 of the Directive) has been assessed as fully implemented.

Apart from the already planned measures for improvement of transposition and implementation of the directive requirements, additional efforts are needed in Serbia for improvement of the enforcement capacities. In line with the EU legislation requirements, the operator of each 'Seveso' facility has to ensure that they have taken all necessary measures to prevent major accidents and limit their consequences.

The training will be based on the EU Guidelines for inspections "Seveso II": Guidance on Inspections, The Role of Safety Report in preventing accidents and Greek Guidelines for Seveso Inspections providing interpretations of the requirements of JMD 5697/2000 as agreed by the competent bodies of the country and industry representatives.

Objectives of the Meeting

Strengthening capacities of the Serbian Inspectorate for further improvement of the quality of Seveso inspections in line with the provisions of Seveso III Directive in the following areas:

  • the Preparation and Organization of the Inspections;
  • the Inspections and site visits;
  • the Inspection Report and Monitoring of Actions.