Regional Training on INDCs - Contributions to the Global Climate Agreement II

Date: 18.03.2015
Place: Tirana, Albania
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat with EC TAIEX Unit

In order to facilitate the development of national climate policies converging with EU acquis as well as promote awareness, ECRAN has launched a series of four regional workshops to familiarize the beneficiaries with the EU 2030 framework for climate and energy and share experiences on modelling and scenarios work, development of roadmaps and national climate strategies, as well as on setting up of GHG targets. The first workshop was organized in January 2014 in Zagreb, Croatia and provided an overview of various types of modelling tools and their application in support of evidence based policy making. The second workshop took place on 28-29 October in Brussels and focused on sharing information about the achievements and challenges in the UNFCCC process running up to the 2015 Paris COP and exchanging information about the EU and enlargement countries' preparations of their intended nationally determined contributions (INDCSs) to the 2015 Global Climate Agreement.

This third workshop which will take place on 18th March 2015 in Tirana will follow up on the October 2014 workshop having the focus on the UNFCC negotiation process toward the successful Paris outcome and the preparation of INDCs by beneficiaries in order to have their INDCs submitted before COP21.

General objective

To strengthen regional cooperation between the EU candidate countries and potential candidates in the fields of climate action and to assist them on their way towards the transposition and implementation of the EU climate policies and instruments which is a key precondition for EU accession.

Specific objective

To provide information on the possible processes to develop the INDCs and recommendations on the content and format of INDC submission and to take stock on the existing expert work which can be used during those preparations.

Expected Results of the Workshop

The expected results are:

  • Participants familiarize themselves with the recent developments regarding the intended nationally determined contributions to the 2015 Global Climate Agreement;
  • Introduction to the work towards guidance materials useful for INDC preparations and stocktake of the modelling work potentially useful for beneficiaries for their INDC preparations
  • The workshop will discuss the challenges regarding the INDC preparations and on possible ways of supporting INDC preparations