2nd NATURE WG Annual Meeting

Date: 11.02.2015
Place: Vienna, Austria
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat

More than one year ago Nature WG Coordinators had 1st annual meeting in Podgorica to launch the activities of ECRAN Nature Working Group. Since then, significant progress in fulfilling particular “items” of our work plan for 2014 – not in terms of just “ticking” but – as the participants´ feedback from the events clearly shows - in terms of organising events evaluated as useful, relevant and appropriate by most representatives of all ECRAN countries.

So far three pilot locations were agreed and the AA pilot programmes on nature priority topics started in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. Training on Natura 2000 establishment aimed at presenting the entire process of Natura 2000 establishment, describing requirements of the EC and illustrated at carefully selected examples.

2nd Annual meeting is organised by the ECRAN Secretariat on 11 February 2015, in Vienna, Austria with the purpose of bringing together the relevant representatives of the beneficiary countries to exchange information on progress made with implementation of the work plan and to discuss and endorse detailed work plan for 2015.

The following topics are addressed in this meeting:

- Planned actions under the ECRAN Nature WG and need for improvements and/or adjustments.
- Maximising benefits and opportunities to be generated though the NATURE Component: follow up actions and coordination with other initiatives
- Agreement on proposed activities in the Nature WG 2015 Work plan
- Potential post 2015 ECRAN activities.