2nd Screening Workshop at Pilot –Drina River Basin

Date: 22-23.09.2014
Place: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat with EC TAIEX Unit

The first screening workshop had the objective to establish common understanding on basic terms and definitions, different policies and regulatory frameworks as well as differences in delegation of responsibilities, for development, adoption, implementation and control of implementation of Programme of Measures.

The principles and requirements of WFD, Integrated Water Resources (IWRM) and Integrated Water Resources Governance (IWRG) with regard to PoMs were presented. Following the idea of best practice, the water management should be adjusted to provide a shift from water development to governance, to enable water resources management for a long-term, to provide sustainable uses for future generations and to establish public participation and consensus. The main concerns arise due to different circumstances in the countries and clear understanding (various interpretations) of implications national legislation has on various water management aspects, as well as requirements and a most pressing water management issues and related measures.

The participants were introduced into various techniques and tools for screening and evaluation, as well into evaluation of options and substituting techniques in case of gaps and uncertainties. It was suggested to establish a comprehensive database that can meet a wide range of requirements, from identification of pressures, to establishing of measures, including clear and complete reporting using templates from WFD Reporting Guidance. The participants are advised to conduct assessment and analysis, even in cases where data gaps are identified. It is also stressed to establish the methodology for disaggregation of different indicators.

Throughout practical work (filling screening templates and country assessments) participants gained an experience and received recommendation on general approach and issues to be considered in initial phase of the preparation of PoMs.

The second screening workshop will emphasize a crucial role of the regular monitoring for reliable and rational water resources governance and hence to encourage the group to initiate and support the additional investments in its improvement. An extension of the status-pressure-impact link to the simulation of the expected effects of PoM implementation will be presented in order to encourage the beneficiary countries to explore the cumulative effects of properly designed PoM as a step towards rationalisation of the costs. The cost-effectiveness of measures prices and costs associated with water services will be elaborated. Through results of the assessment on screening templates and practical work during 2nd screening workshop, the first outline of PoMs concept for Drina River Basin will be prepared.

Objectives of the Workshop:

Wider Objectives: Based on the results of the screening workshop present and in interactive work with the participants select the appropriate approach to prepare PoMs. The PoMs will have to reflect national objectives and international obligations and should take into account available national capacities and already developed transboundary cooperation instruments.

Specific Objectives: The workshop will contribute to:

  • selection of quantitative indicators relevant for the monitoring of the PoMs implementation on both national and transboundary levels,
  • clarification and distinction between physico-chemical elements, specific pollutants and priority substances in context of Commission’s strategies to prevent and control pollution
  • handling of “combined approach” implementation in regular water management practice
  • improvement of the monitoring in order to fulfil the requirements of WFD especially IMPRESS / PoMs analysis
  • consideration of advantages associated with modelling approach of Impact - Status - PoMs - Status process for water management practice
  • clarification of the basic concepts of Economic Analysis in context of PoMs
  • clarification of differences in implementation of the basic and supplementary measures.

Expected Results of the workshop: The expected results are going through and concluding on all the points listed above with first outline of PoMs concept for Drina river basin.