Workshop and the Study visit on SEA and EIA in hydropower development

Date: 11-12.05.2016
Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat with EC TAIEX Unit

Hydropower development represents an important sector in almost all ECRAN beneficiary countries, which can contribute to the change of the energy mix and GHG emission decrease, on the other hand may lead to significant impacts on the environment (especially biodiversity and sensitive ecosystems). Therefore, efficient application of SEA and EIA in the field is an essential way to avoid or minimize negative impacts related to the hydropower development.

Since both Croatia and Slovenia has an extensive experience with construction of hydropower plants, participants from ECRAN countries may benefit from discussions with the representatives of the key actors in involved – EIA competent authorities, EIA experts as well as project developers.

The workshop and the study visit will also provide opportunity to discuss the linkages between SEA/EIA, Appropriate Assessment (in accordance with the EU Habitat Directive) and with the assessment required by the Water Framework Directive.

Wider Objective

To present Croatian and Slovenian practice regarding the application of SEA and EIA in the hydropower development sector and provide hands-on experience for the study visit participants.

Specific Objectives

  • To highlight main issues regarding SEA/EIA application in hydropower sector;
  • To share experience of Croatian and Slovenian key actors involved in SEA/EIA application;
  • Based on Croatian and Slovenian experience as well as considering case examples from the other EU countries to formulate recommendations to enhance SEA/EIA practice in hydropower sector in ECRAN beneficiary countries.

Expected Results

  • Increased understanding of the efficient application of SEA/EIA in hydropower sector;
  • Contacts established between the study visit participants and the relevant governmental institutions to be further utilized.