ECRAN ECENA 3rd Annual Meeting

Date: 17.03.2016
Place: Vienna, Austria
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat

The work of ECENA is dealing with both implementation and enforcement of the EU acquis. For this purpose various stakeholders are to be involved. In the defined activities therefore not only environmental inspectors were participating but depending on the subject the participants also included policy makers, law drafters, permit writers, customs, police and representatives of the NGO community.

To keep the link with practices in the field the approach has been continued to combine the defined activities with site visits and case exercises. The most valuable contribution was contacting and organising site visits. Implementation in practice is not only supported by the site visits and exercises during these visits, but also in assisting the implementation of inspection management tools on a national scale (ref. IRAM). In addition ECRAN is also supporting the whole chain of enforcement i.e. also activities for environmental judges and prosecutors, by facilitating participation in events of ENPE and EUFJE. Sharing of specific experience from EU member countries, relatively new EU member countries and sharing experience among accession countries is another valuable component of the programme which has been appreciated very much.

At the third Annual Meeting progress made since the second ECRAN ECENA Working group meeting will be evaluated, and possible improvements and plan for 2016 will be discussed. The results of the meeting will be used as input for the ECENA activities under the ECRAN horizontal Component for which the framework was already agreed during the first and second Annual ECENA Meeting. The following issues will be addressed:

  • Appropriateness of planned actions under the ECRAN ECENA Component and need for improvements and/or adjustments;
  • Maximising benefits and opportunities to be generated though the ECRAN/ECENA Component: follow up actions and coordination with other initiatives;
  • Agreement on proposed actions in the ECRAN/ECENA 2016 Work plan;
  • Potential post 2016 activities.