EU Side Event “Climate Cooperation between the EU, the Western Balkans and Turkey” - COP 21, Paris

Date: 05.12.2015
Place: Paris, France
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat

Following the COP21 United Nations Conference on Climate Change that takes places in December 2015 in Paris, Representatives of ECRAN Project will take active participation in the conference by presenting the results of the ongoing ECRAN programme (building on its predecessor programme RENA) aimed at building capacity on and promoting convergence with the EU climate policies and the EU Climate acquis in the 7 EU candidate countries and potential candidates (in the Western Balkans and Turkey). The event will focus on ECRAN activities in relation to converging with EU climate policies and legislation, assistance with the development and implementation of the INDCs, capacity building in EU ETS implementation, Aligning with the EU’s Monitoring Mechanism (GHG inventory work) and adaptation action.

The side event also features the result of the parallel SLED project which modelled decarbonisation pathways for several countries of the region in the electricity and residential building sector and which results were also used for the INDC development work by ECRAN.