Working meeting on SEA Pilot in Albania

Date: 09-10.09.2015
Place: Tirana, Albania
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat with EC TAIEX Unit

The implementation of SEA Directive in ECRAN countries is still in a very early stage and there is a lack of capacity for appropriate SEA application. Therefore, the ECRAN project provides support on selected real SEA cases, which could be considered as the most efficient way of capacity building for SEA. Besides direct technical assistance, the supported SEA pilots will serve as a basis for SEA-related training activities within ECRAN project.

Based on the communication with representatives of the Ministry of Environment of Albania, the SEA for the General National Territorial Plan was selected as the 2nd SEA pilot to be supported (the 1st one was SEA for the Offshore hydrocarbons Exploitation and Production Programme in Montenegro).

Since the national SEA consultants shall start their work in early September 2015, the scoping workshop was proposed to organize in order to initiate the SEA process.

Wider Objective:

To support a good SEA practice in Albania by providing methodological guidelines and support to the national SEA experts.

Specific Objectives: The initial scoping workshop will be aimed at following major points:

  • Introducing the scoping approach
  • Developing the preliminary scope of SEA
  • Outlining further steps in SEA process
  • n training skills and training arrangements
  • Site visit

The expected results are:
  • Proper understanding of scoping approach by the national SEA experts;
  • The 1st draft of the scoping matrix;
  • Summary of next steps in SEA process.