Workshop on Air Quality Modelling, 2nd Annual Working Group Meeting

Date: 20-21.10.2015
Place: Ankara, Turkey
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat in cooperation with the EC TAIEX Unit

Based on discussion in the course and following a workshop on the NEC Directive, it was decided by the beneficiaries to dedicate the forthcoming workshop to air quality modelling. With the help of a questionnaire the current situation and future needs with respect to air quality modelling were investigated and used as a basis for the design of the training workshop. The training aims at the following overall topics:

  1. Overview on requirements and possibilities of simple models, mainly for local scale applications, point sources;
  2. Overview on requirements and possibilities of more complex models, mainly for local to regional applications (e.g. complete analysis of city);
  3. Overview on requirements and possibilities of chemical transport models (regional to international scale, complex pollutants such as ozone, PM,etc.).

General Objective of the Workshop:

Assisting ECRAN countries in the implementation of topics related to the Air Quality Directive

Specific Objective:

Capacity building regarding improving the understanding of possibilities and limitations of air quality models with various complexities on different spatial scales.

Expected outputs for the annual working group meeting:

The expected results are: improved understanding of the possibilities and limitations of air quality models, the required input and infrastructure, as well as the accompanying costs. Exchange of information on the topics described above between ECRAN countries and European Member States.