ECRAN Regional Workshop on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) - 2nd Training of Trainers

Date: 28.09-01.10.2015
Place: Istanbul, Turkey
Organizer: ECRAN Secretariat with EC TAIEX Unit

The Training of Trainers (ToT) scheme was launched in September 2014 by organizing the 1st ToT session aiming at (i) introducing the key SEA/EIA principles, (ii) developing the first drafts of the country specific SEA/EIA training material, and (iii) enhancing the training techniques and skills.

Following the 1st ToT, several national trainings were organized in 2015, where national trainers acted as the main lecturers supported by ECRAN and TAIEX experts. So far, following trainings were organized:

  • - Albania: National workshop on SEA (March 2015)
  • - Croatia: Two national workshops on SEA and EIA (May 2015)
  • - Serbia: National workshop on SEA and EIA (June 2015)

Besides ECRAN trainings, other countries indicated the SEA and/or EIA trainings are supposed to be supported by other projects and donors (Kosovo, Montenegro, Turkey).

As it can be concluded from the national trainings, the knowledge of SEA/EIA-related issues is on high level among the ToT participants, however there is a room for improving the training skills including overall coordination and arrangements of the trainings.

The emphasis will be given to the case examples from the participants’ countries i.e. how to identify, develop and use the case examples within the training to illustrate good SEA/EIA practice.

Wider Objective

Main objective of the training is to support a good SEA and EIA practice in the country by increasing understanding of the regional authorities and environmental experts on the approaches to SEA and EIA practical application.

Specific Objectives

The 2nd ToT session shall be based on the experience gained through the national trainings equally addressing both SEA/EIA ‘knowledge’ as well as the training skills and techniques. It should result in:
  • Further developed country-specific training materials;
  • Enhanced training and presentation skills of the participants.

Expected Results

The expected results are:
  • Increased understanding of specific details regarding SEA/EIA practical application;
  • Increased training skills of trainers involved in the ToT and their ability to organise and deliver national trainings.