The European Commission attaches a lot of importance to the public consultation process and the involvement of the NGOs community in the national decision-making process. The NGOs Dialogue established in 1999 with the European Commission's support has enabled over the last 15 years the creation of a network of selected NGOs from the enlargement countries while providing them an opportunity to become an active and constructive partner for national public administrations. Building on the previous achievements (NGOs Forum between 2004 - 2008 and the NGOs Environment Forum between 2009 – 2012.) the NGOs Environment and Climate Forum will be incorporated under the Environment and Climate Regional Accession Network (ECRAN), as a horizontal element, covering environment and climate components.

Following the call for interest published in January 2014, in total 21 NGOs representing eligible countries were selected for participation in the ECF.

The overall objective of the Environment and Climate Forum (ECF) is to strengthen the role of public participation in the approximation and accession process. In doing so, the ECF provides wide ranging opportunities for the civil society and its active involvement in the approximation process, assist in capacity development of the NGO sector and provide opportunities for improving the stakeholders dialogue. In doing so, there are four main activities to be implemented within the frame of the project.